What is puzzling you, is the nature of my game, right ?

I am a singer. I believe in living for the music. I believe that Rock’n’roll is the best religion. I believe that being badass is the only way to be. I don’t believe in fear or regret.

I refuse to accept boundaries or to fit in someone else’s picture. Cuz I draw my own picture. I create my own reality. I express my inner world and if you can handle it, you’ll love it. But I won’t need your blessing. However… I’m pleased to meet you. I hope you guess my name.


Yayo Lana del Rey cover

Let me put on a show for you!

When a blind man cries Deep Purple cover

if you're leaving, close the door...

Your Song Elton John Cover

Old but gold!

Jealousy Frankie Miller Cover

Live @ Art Club Sofia