Producer, Pianist, Guitarist, Singer, Artist. Anything goes- from blues to dubstep, from jazz to psychedelic.

Somewhere between striving for perfection and a need for chaos. Somewhere between deep sadness and an incredible lust for life. High on emotions, deep in the dream, sick in the head.

Travelling, exploring, expressing, but ALWAYS in need of a suitable tune to support me in every moment.

To add a little more to that - taking in consideration all the things that go through my head, music is the only one that is not offensive..

.. to everybody.

DMT - A Spare You

Well is there a better way to introduce yourself than playing your favourite tune - Well - here's mine


What is puzzling you, is the nature of my game, right ?

I am a singer. I believe in living for the music. I believe that Rock’n’roll is the best religion. I believe that being badass is the only way to be. I don’t believe in fear or regret.

I refuse to accept boundaries or to fit in someone else’s picture. Cuz I draw my own picture. I create my own reality. I express my inner world and if you can handle it, you’ll love it. But I won’t need your blessing. However… I’m pleased to meet you. I hope you guess my name.

Yayo Lana del Rey cover

Best of the best...